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תרפיית הקול והתנועה - VMT

ברברה זלצברג

We live in world filled with sound. Traffic noise irritates, while thunder in step with lightening brings fear; and a child’s laughter brings an involuntary smile to our face. Music as well of course, creates feelings within us; the peace of a Beethoven’s Pastoral symphony, the nostalgia of a Naomi Shemer song and for most of us the patriotic heart flutter of ‘Hatikva’. Clearly our emotional life is inseparable from sounds around us; and even on occasions transports us back to otherwise long forgotten events from our distant past.


Our voice above all else is the way in which we not only communicate our emotions but it is also the means by which we can reconnect to the emotional vibrancy of those far distant, long forgotten feelings; those that we thought were lost forever. We say of a friend of long standing “I have known him for years” and yet how can we know him when in so many ways those long buried memories we all share means that he hardly knows himself.


My journey in search of a therapeutic method that would suit me has been long and varied but from my first experience of VMT I knew instantly that my search was at an end. I studied in London under Paul Newham, the founder of Voice Movement Therapy and I have over the past 13 years introduced VMT to Israel through several training courses. I have established some 35 qualified VMT practitioners that have taken this body of work into many different directions. My initial belief in VMT, a belief that has only grown stronger over the years is that all that is necessary is to open ones mouth and to believe that what comes out is something that is truly Me! There is always the possibility of reaching more and more of the voices within us. By doing so, we enable ourselves to be present, to feel alive inside our bodies and to be grounded in our experiences.


These are benefits of priceless value for group practitioners and are ones that I have both the experience and expertise to guide you towards. This process works perfectly in group setting and is an essential ingredient for anyone interested in the facilitation of groups. This is an opportunity to specialize and extend one’s interest in voice work beyond that component found within the holistic, multifaceted, pre-existing Integrative Training for Group Facilitators Program at Wingate Institute. I am very excited about the prospect of offering this training to people who want to enhance their understanding and take the work to a deeper level.



 המאמר נכתב ע"י ברברה זלצברג, מנהלת אקדמאית של VMT